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3 Types Of Blog Posts That Will Drive Traffic To Your Site

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Coming up with fresh new blog content can seem like a never ending cycle. The three types of blog posts below will help you drive traffic to your blog and create new content ideas.

First off, think about why people read blog posts.

Typically they want an answer or solution to a problem. This should be your blog’s main purpose; providing value to your readers.

What to Blog About

Coming up with blog ideas, especially as a new blogger, can be hard. In the early stages you may not even know what your niche is, and that’s ok.

When I started blogging I knew that I wanted to share what I learned along the way with hopes of inspiring at least one other person to start their own blog. Some of the types of content I focused on had already been covered thousands of times but I didn’t let that stop me. I started writing about the things I had just accomplished in my business. For example, after setting up my website, I wrote an article on how I did it.

Every step I take in my business is a topic for a new blog post. Using the analytics from my Pinterest account I was able to see which articles were popular. Then, I would create a list of sub categories on that topic and create a new blog post. What once seemed to be a daunting task, coming up with new ideas all of the time, started to become easier.

If you haven’t already started your blog check out my How to Start a Blog – A Beginners Guide.

Be Helpful

By being helpful to others and writing content that solves a problem you’ll build a strong reputation in your niche. Focus on building know, like and trust. Once readers begin to trust in your knowledge and ability to solve their problem, you’ll start gaining loyal readers who you can later convert to paying customers.

3 Types Of Blog Posts To Drive Traffic To Your Site

These 3 types of blog posts were always showing up in my Pinterest and Google searches. Not only were the titles attention grabbing, the content was valuable. As a new blogger you can start creating incredibly valuable content and driving traffic to your site with these 3 types of blog posts.

1) How-To Tutorials

Writing a How To tutorial can be a mega hit with your readers. Your audience will leave feeling like they’ve learned something (solving a problem). By writing a how-to article you can ease their fear and boost their confidence. Helping to build know, like and trust in your brand leaving them wanting to come back from more.

With so many How-To articles flowing around the internet already, make it easy for your reader to get drawn in. Use your opening line to state the problem they have and how you will solve it.

Use images, video and short sentences to make it easy for your readers to follow along. Keep it concise, to the point and use language your reader will understand.

2) Best Of Lists

People love ‘Best Of’ lists. Some bloggers have even create their entire blog around ‘Best Of’ lists.

The possibilities are endless with these types of posts. If you’re a blogger who writes about blogging you could create a Top 10 Blogging Tools list. If you’re a photographer you could write a Best 5 Photo Editing Tools list.

You can create the list as just that, a list. Or, you can back up your claim by providing a brief description of why it’s the best. Personally I prefer to read the ones that give a brief statement why something is the best rather than just read a list.

A word of advice. Keep your lists minimal so your readers don’t get overwhelmed. Plus, if you’re really listing the best of something there probably isn’t 100 options that are all “the best”.

List articles should be kept short with easy to read sentences or bullet points. Make your lists easy to skim for those readers who just want to get to the goods.

These types of lists are also a great way to link up your affiliate products and earn a commission for promoting a product.

3) Reviews

Review posts are an excellent way to show off a product you really love. These types of posts work well because people want to know what they’re getting before they purchase. They want to hear from real people who have actually tried the product.

Think of your own experience. Before buying something have you ever searched on google to read the reviews? What type of reviews were helpful – comparison reviews or single product reviews? Use what has helped you in the past to guide you in helping others.

Bonus points if you can add an affiliate link to the review. However, if you do add an affiliate link don’t let making a sale take away from the authenticity of the review.

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Start Driving Traffic to Your Site

Create an attention grabbing title and graphic and start promoting your post. Don’t forget to optimize your posts for search engines.

There are endless possibilities with each of these 3 types of blog posts. Each one solves a problem for your reader and drives traffic to your site.

If you want to see an example of a ‘Best Of’ list check out 12 Essential Books for Female Entrepreneurs.


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