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From Depressed Empty-Nester to Strong Feminine Leader with Joyce Brinton

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Joyce Brinton facilitates healing miracles. She takes people from chaos to peace through her Healing Evolution business. Joyce believes in miracles and is privileged to experience them for herself and others daily. The modalities Joyce uses are Energy Cleansing to clean your energy field and Muscle Testing to clear out the thinking that blocks you from moving forward.

Joyce is also the author of ‘I Found Myself in China’ where she shares her personal transformation from depressed empty-nester to strong feminine leader and role model. If you’re looking for a breakthrough to determine what’s next in your life, then Joyce Brinton’s I Found Myself in China is tailor-made for you.

About Joyce Brinton

I received my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1981. I thought I would be a High School Counselor. That changed quickly after my internship. My gifts are with working with people not paperwork. I have an innate gift for making others feel comfortable in my presence because I love people. I often say, “I have never met a stranger” because I am sincerely interested in people and who they are.

My favorite part of my life has been being a wife of 37 years, mother of four awesome kids, and a grandmother of nine.

I have been using muscle testing with clients for the past 28 years and energy healing for the past three. I currently have a private practice helping men and women experience healing from both emotional and physical ailments. I also teach a course called Energy Mastery Foundations. This is a powerful and life changing course where the students learn to clean their own energy field. My husband and I also teach the Muscle Testing Academy; in this course individuals receive training in how to use muscle testing and forgiveness to resolve any issue.

What inspired you to become a Life Coach and Women’s Advocate?

My first job out of Grad School was at the State Mental Hospital working with delinquent teenage girls. I knew at that time I was to pursue being an advocate for women in taking a stand for themselves. I have since worked in a women’s shelter and with numerous clients seeking healing from any form of violation. I volunteer in the public school system teaching personal boundaries to students. It took me years to find my own voice and I felt so free when I did I wanted to helps others with the same.

After a teaching trip to China, you wrote a book titled “I Found Myself in China”. Can you tell us what the book is about?

I wrote the book “I Found Myself In China” after keeping a blog titled the same. When I returned from my fist teaching trip to China in October 2011 friends suggested I write a book. I fought it for a few years thinking I couldn’t write. I have been back six times since and each trip brought more experiences and more stories. The book is about my personal journey of being depressed and lost after my last child left home to living an inspired and expressed life. The women I taught in China inspired me daily in their faith and fearless step into the unknown because I believed in them. I saw myself in a way I had never seen before because I said “YES” to doing something that really scared me. When asked by the students to teach them confidence my theory was from my own experience, “do hard things.” This is the path to gaining confidence.

What was the process you took for publishing your first book?

The process for publishing the book was not so difficult. The writing and believing that I could do it was the hardest part. I had a lot of negative voices in my head trying to stop me.

My good friend Trish Walker had just published a book and referred me to her editor and publisher. I interviewed a few editors I found online on fiverr then spoke with Stacy Dymalski and had a wonderful, enlightening and guiding conversation. I hired her on the spot to be my editor. From start to finish she helped me step by step. It was grueling to get edited pages saying “what does this mean?, take this out , I don’t understand what you are saying.’ To “love this, keep it, inspiring!” A good editor you relate to is essential. Katie Mullaly with Surrogate Press was amazing in holding my hand and walking me through the entire publishing process. I will definitely use her again on my next book.

Where did you turn for support when you were just starting out on your business journey?

I have always been a seminar junky and love learning. I believe I’ve been guided in each step I’ve taken on my progression. I took a speakers seminar, and a women’s voice seminar which led me to my business coach whom I hired in 2014 and still currently work with. When I hired Sheevaun Moran I didn’t have a business and felt very inferior to claiming one. Today I have a business I love. I’m also very lucky to have tools to help myself clean up my energy field and a husband who helps me weekly using muscle testing.

Fear often holds us back from taking action towards our true desires. When you feel fear creeping in and trying to keep you in your comfort zone how do you conquer this?

Fear has definitely been a big part of my life. I played small for years because I was afraid of what would be expected of me and if I could do it. What I learned from my experience in going to China is; when something calls to me and causes my heart to beat faster and shallow breathing takes place, say “YES!” I don’t know where it will take me but it hasn’t led me astray. If I don’t say yes to that call, I am missing out on becoming the person I am here to become. I’ve also come to know that Fear is only in the mind, it is 100% my creation, why give way to it? When I teach vision boards I say; Inspiration – Expression = Depression and disappointment, Inspiration + Expression = self-expression! No matter how scary it is jump in, take the ride, you won’t be sorry you did.

What is most satisfying about the work you do?

The most satisfying thing about my work is seeing others’ lives transform! I see individuals go from being locked up in a sick body, emotionally or physically to having hope, dreams, and vitality. I love what I do!

What has been the most successful way you’ve brought awareness to your brand and brought in new clients?

I am still working on doing this. I do a Facebook live video a few times a week and share miracle stories from clients I’ve worked with. I have also done Facebook ads, networking groups, health fairs, and free introduction classes to what I do. I teach a vision board class at the beginning of each year to bring people in to meet me and see what I do to possibly work with me on another level.

If someone wanted to become a Life Coach what advice do you have to help them get started?

If you want to become a Life Coach, find a niche you love, get trained by attending a seminar or even online classes. You don’t have to have an official Life Coach training. Just expound on the gifts you believe you have and start sharing with people what you do. Set an intention for yourself of what you want to accomplish, write it down, speak it daily and share it with people. Volunteer to speak to groups and share what you do with them. Setting a date for launch and announcing it is always a pressure cooker but forces you to create what it is you want to do. The first Women’s Voice seminar I taught I set a date designed a flier and told people then I had to create the course.

What advice would you give to other women who are in the early stages of starting a business?

My advice to women starting a business is to get a coach! It’s too hard to do it alone. Find someone who resonates with you and let them take you by the hand and direct you. Use debt to leverage your business. Don’t wait until you can afford it or you’ll never start.

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