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Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic with Keywords on Pinterest

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Using keywords on Pinterest in one of the best ways to skyrocket your blog traffic.

You recently launched your blog. You’ve published some content, added your services and started sharing your posts on social media. Waiting for the leads to come pouring in.

It’s been a few weeks of consistent effort but you’re not seeing any resuls. You’re not getting views on your posts and no one is checking out your wonderful website.

How are you supposed to get clients if no one knows you exist?

No need to bust out the wallet and start diving into paid advertising just yet.

To start driving traffic to your site FOR FREE it’s time to learn how to use Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visual search engine that you can use at no cost to start driving traffic to your website. And if done right, that traffic could turn into paying clients.

I know this is possible because I’ve done it myself.

As a new blogger, the first few weeks were extremely overwhelming and disappointing. It felt like no matter what I was posting on social media, no one was interested. I knew that getting ranked in Google would take time and wasn’t holding my breath for immediate results there.

After looking for other ways, I began learning everything I could about Pinterest. The results have been phenomenal. Now, my Pinterest account runs on autopilot and I spend only a few hours a week creating new content and scheduling pins.

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is to have a fully optimized profile. Below you’ll find exactly what you need to do to optimize your Pinterest profile.

Benefits of an Optimized Pinterest Profile

Yes, Pinterest is a visual search engine but that doesn’t mean words don’t matter. Keywords play a major role in getting your content seen on Pinterest. Thankfully, it’s a lot easier to get your keywords found on Pinterest than in Google search results.

Here’s just a few of the benefits optimizing your Pinterest profile will deliver:

  • Your pins, boards and profile all have potential of showing up in search results.
  • Able to target people specifically looking for the content/product you’re offering.
  • Get your content seen and start driving traffic to your website.
  • Having a board specifically designated to your blog content so when people find your pins they can click on your board and find even more of your content.

Pinterest has potential to be a major game changer in how you drive traffic to your website. Once you get them onto your website be ready with an irresistible offer that will turn them from visitor to a subscriber.

So, now that you know a few of the benefits of having a fully optimized Pinterest profile it’s time to dive into how to optimize your profile.

How to Use Keywords in your Pinterest Profile

  • Use at least one keyword in your name (your name | Pinterest Strategist)
  • Create a keyword rich bio. Your bio (or profile description) should clearly identify what your profile/website is about using searchable terms. Include the types of things someone will find on your website and your Pinterest boards.
  • Name your boards with phrases people will search for. There’s no need to try and cute and clever board names. Keep your board names simple and searchable.
  • Add a keyword rich description to each of your boards. Personally, I prefer to see board descriptions written in full sentences. But, it’s totally up to you. You can write full sentences using keywords or you can list your keywords separated by commas or dashes (|).
  • Use well thought out pin descriptions that include specific keywords and phrases someone may use when searching.

Once I learned how to properly optimize my profile, boards and pins my monthly views exploded. Jumping from practically 0 to over 10k within a few days of adding keywords everywhere possible.

That meant more people were seeing and repining my content AND clicking through to my website.

If you’ve had your Pinterest account for a while, optimizing your profile may take some time. But, the payoff is huge.

Make sure that you’ve switched from a personal account to a business account so you can access analytics. Your analytics will help you understand which pins are performing the best, what type of content people are looking for and the type of audience you’re attracting. This information will be huge factors in creating a successful Pinterest strategy.

Set Up Your Automation

When your entire profile is optimized you can easily incorporate automation into your Pinterest strategy. By automating your pins, you’ll save hours of time and can get back to focusing on creating high value content and serving clients.

I recommend using Tailwind to schedule your pins. Tailwind is an official Pinterest Marketing Partner for Content Marketing, meaning you won’t be violating any of Pinterest’s Terms of Service by using them to schedule pins.


Within just a few days of optimizing my Pinterest profile, Pinterest became my #1 blog traffic source. With Pinterest you don’t need to spend any money on advertising, but the option is there if you choose to.

People are looking for what you have to offer. By using the key phrases and keywords people are searching for they’ll be able to find you.

Bonus Tip

Type your keyword into the Pinterest search bar. Once you hit enter, various sub topics will be shown directly below the search bar. This will tell you the exact phrases people are searching for in relation to your keyword. Use the ones that relate to your content in your pin descriptions and board descriptions. This is also a great way to get new blog content ideas.


If you want to learn how to monetize your Pinterest account using affiliate links check out this ecourse.

This is the exact course I took to monetize my Pinterest account. Affiliate links are how I earn the majority of by blog income.


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