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*Affiliate Disclosure: This blog post may contain affiliate links. If you sign up/purchase using my link I may receive a small commission but that does not increase the price you pay. Thank you in advance for your support!

Below is my honest review of the ecourse How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways bloggers make money.

Many new bloggers think they need to wait until they have a large following before trying to monetize their site. But, the good news is, you don’t need to wait. You can start earning money blogging right from the start with a small (or no) following.

By combining affiliate marketing with Pinterest you can monetize your blog quickly and easily.

If you haven’t already set up your blog it’s super easy…even if you’re not tech-savvy. You can set up your own blog for less than $4/month. Here’s my full tutorial that will walk you through setting up your blog.

How I Became an Affiliate Marketer

When I started my blog I knew I wanted to find a way to monetize it to cover my expenses. I didn’t have my own products to sell and I wasn’t providing services yet.

I started to research affiliate marketing and came across an ecourse titled How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours.

Spending money on courses is not something I often do. I could probably find some of the information in this course online for free but wanted a faster approach. The hours many new bloggers (including myself) spend researching strategies and tips, trying to figure it all out, could be better spent creating content, promoting your blog and building an engaged audience.

So, I signed up for the ecourse and dove in. The course is delivered on Teachable so you can get started immediately after submitting your payment.

About the eCourse

Elise from House of Brazen is the creator of this amazing course. She has been blogging for 5+ years and earns a steady full-time income through her blog with affiliate sales products.

It took me less than 1 hour to go through the ecourse. Far less time than it would take to find and put together all of this information from searching Google. This is a cut to the chase kind of course with a ton of valuable tips and strategies that work. No fluff and no off-topic ramblings.

The ecourse is designed for beginners as an introduction to affiliate marketing. If you’re already making a decent income from affiliate marketing this is not for you.

How I Made My First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours is priced affordably for the amount of content you get. I’ve seen other course creators charging 5 times the price for the same type of content. You also get the course as a downloadable ebook, along with other helpful bonuses to drive traffic to your site and increase your reach on Pinterest. In my opinion this course is an invaluable resource for beginner bloggers.

Inside the eCourse

Within the ecourse Elise walks you through step-by-step

  • Affiliate Marketing and Pinterest basics
  • A proven viral pin strategy
  • How to design the perfect pin using Canva
  • How to properly disclose affiliate links (this is a biggie and is required by law)
  • A list of quality Affiliate Programs
  • How to find and join Pinterest Group Boards (great for even higher visibility)
  • How to Use Keywords in Pinterest Descriptions (and all the places you need to include keywords)
  • And the best part – how to set your account on auto-pilot so you can earn while you sleep

I’m not going to give away all of Elise’s secrets from the course because she’s put a lot of hard work and time into creating a high value product. You’ll get a lot more out of it by signing up then if I tried to reiterate all of the content in this post.

My Results

My blog was brand new (less than 2 months), I had ZERO blog traffic, ZERO social media following and didn’t even have a Pinterest account.

Since implementing everything in “How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours” my blog traffic has steadily grown from 0 to over 40 page views per day. Each morning when I get up I check my email and see anywhere from 1-4 sales that happened while I slept.

Within the first 30 days of purchasing ‘How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours’ the following happened:

  • Grew my Pinterest monthly views from 0 to 10k+
  • Made my first affiliate sale within 10 days and am now making affiliate sales daily
  • Increased blog traffic from 0 to over 40 visitors daily directly from Pinterest
  • Started getting Pinterest followers, impressions, saves and clicks on my pins
  • Earned a total of $89.70 in affiliate sales which continues to increase daily

My First Affiliate Sale

When I set up my website I had enrolled in a free 5 Day Website Challenge by Shannon Mattern of WP+BFF. If you haven’t set up your blog yet or are having trouble with the design aspect I highly recommend you take this challenge. Shannon takes you from a blank WordPress site to a fully designed secure website.

Shannon offered an affiliate program to participants as a way to promote her challenge to new audiences. I signed up for her affiliate program because I believed in what she offered and knew it would help others. This is key in promoting affiliate links; promote products you know and trust. Even though the challenge is free Shannon offers some upgrades which is how affiliates would earn money.

I wrote a full review of the 5 Day Website Challenge on my blog then created a simple pin image using the tips provided in the e-course.

I uploaded the graphic to my Pinterest board “Blogging for Beginners” and linked it to my blog post. In the ecourse you’ll learn how to optimize your boards and pins with keywords so your boards and pins can get found (this is a game changer).

To be completely honest, after I pinned that link I kind of forgot about it. I was focused on continuing to grow my Pinterest account, creating images for my other blog posts and pinning valuable content while following the strategies in the course.

About two weeks after pinning that link, I started receiving some Pinterest notifications that people were repining and clicking on that specific pin. I checked my Google Analytics and saw that my daily traffic had gone from ZERO to 40+ with all referrals coming from Pinterest.

At the end of the month, I logged into my affiliate dashboard for Shannon’s site and saw this:

Holy crap….it actually works! I jumped up and did a happy dance right there in my kitchen.

Because I stepped out of my comfort zone and was willing to invest in my business, the return was something I never imagined. I’d earned back more than double what it cost to enroll in How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours.

From there I signed up for 4 more affiliate programs. But, these weren’t the big name affiliate programs like ShareASale and AWIN. I will only promote products I’ve personally used, from sellers I trust and value. For example: Creative Market which is where I purchase some of my blog photos and social media graphics from. I also reached out to other bloggers/biz owners whose products I’ve purchased and asked if they had an affiliate program, which most did. These were the types of affiliate programs I joined along with Amazon Associates.

By implementing everything from How I Made My First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours and signing up for 4 individual affiliate programs I’ve been able to make affiliate sales daily.

Grow Your Pinterest Account

In case you need a little more convincing that this course is right for you, here’s a few screenshots of my Pinterest Account before and after taking the ecourse

Before taking the ecourse (brand new Pinterest for Business Account)

After taking the ecourse

I made the decision to change my account name from my business name to my personal name. This was a personal choice as I may rebrand some day and decided it was best to have a neutral account name.

By using the strategies from How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours my Pinterest account went from 0 to 10k+ monthly views and continues to increase. My Pinterest followers have grown from zero to 65+, proof that you don’t need a large following on Pinterest to get your content seen.

With a Pinterest for Business account you’ll get access to analytics. The analytics are super helpful to learn which pins are top performers and which boards are getting a lot of views. This information will help you create more valuable pins and can help you come up with new blog post ideas.

The Exact Steps I Took to Grow My Pinterest Account, Drive Traffic To My Blog and Start Earning Affiliate Sales

Here is exactly what I did during the first 30 days of enrolling in How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours:

  • implemented every step of the How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours ecourse
  • manually repinned on average 25 pins/day (after reading the post to verify the content was helpful)
  • started following people in similar niches
  • optimized my profile, boards and pins using the tips inside the ecourse
  • pinned any blog posts I found helpful from Google searches (pinning directly from the blog post allowed me to track the analytics from the pin)
  • created branded Pinterest images for each of my own blog posts and added each to Pinterest
  • joined 4 affiliate programs
  • joined one group board

I’ve just started using Tailwind so I can spend less time pinning and more time creating valuable content. Now that the upfront work has been put in to optimize my profile, boards and pins I’m ready to hit the autopilot button.

Happy Pinning!

If you want to start earning money blogging be sure to sign up for How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours to get the best strategy for beginners.

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